Portland, Oregon - Rogers 63 - Crew Assembly - May 1, 2004
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Hi Everyone,
Just a short rundown on the meeting in Portland (May 1, 2004). Cher Dinsmore (Ultican) planned it and arranged for it to held at the Kennedy School, a most interesting place.  It is an old school that has been converted into a hotel and restaurant complex.  Attending were: Cher, her friend Jeannie, Arnie Merrick and his wife Dolly, Dennis Hansen and his wife Sharon, Phil Steckmann and his wife Sue, and myself.

We showed up at 5:00 PM and started swapping stories.  I showed them "Roger" the pirate since I'm so proud of him.  Roger is a wooden pirate with a parrot on his shoulder.  Nancy Bush (Holmes) sculpted this treasure.  Dennis came down from Battleground; Arnie just moved to Portland from Spokane; Phil has been living in the Portland area for some time; Cher lives in Scapoose, near Portland; and I came down from Tacoma.

After a satisfying dinner and lots of talking and laughing, we took pictures and said our good-byes.   Cher suggested that we have a mini-reunion in the Seattle area.  Everyone thought that was a good idea.  And then we left.  It was a good day!